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dirtdrivers.com claims no responsibility for the accuracy of any classifieds posted or for the integrity of those doing business via the classifieds, and recommends all users to exercise caution when buying or selling.

Ad Heading Contact Posted
DUI distributor for sale      Nitro Chris Stevens 6/15 8:33am
9 inch rear out of sport mod for sale      Nitro Chris Stevens 6/15 8:31am
2010 Swartz late model bare chassis for sale      Nitro Chris Stevens 6/15 8:27am
604 Crate Headers $200.00      b perdue 6/11 5:21pm
2015 MASTERBUILT Gen-x 604 CRATE L/M $19,500      b perdue 6/11 5:18pm
750 AED ALKY CARB FOR 604 CRATE $625.00      b perdue 6/11 5:14pm
2012 BMS Modified      Stacey Wilhelm 6/10 9:39pm
Looking for help in our racing team pitcrew      Stevens Slingin Dirt 6/9 1:06pm
2015 MASTERBUILT GEN-X 604 CRATE L/M      b perdue 5/31 10:38pm
AED 750 ALKY CRATE CARB $650.00      b perdue 5/31 12:55pm
2015 MASTERBUILT SMACK DWN 604 CRATE L/M      b perdue 5/31 12:53pm
15" SFI Advantage II Butlerbuilt SlideJob 39.2      Kyle Berck 5/9 8:41am
3/4 h.p. dc elec. motor for tire prep machine $75      bill flegg 3/18 4:27pm
desmoines swapmeet 3 17 2024      Vern Ruschmann 3/15 8:11am
17 inch 3 spoke aluminum sreering wheel-$20      bill flegg 3/12 9:06am
EZdeflator tire deflator kit--pack of 4 $35      bill flegg 3/11 9:29pm
chrome areo 3 off bead lock 5on5 imca tag $50      bill flegg 3/10 8:40pm
Portable Satelite and reciver w/32 inch tv 275.00      b perdue 3/6 6:11pm
Race Parts 4-Sale open & Save      b perdue 3/6 6:06pm
9 inch ford ring +pinion used --3:55 ratio $25      bill flegg 3/6 12:30pm
New 9 inch ford 4;71 circle trk ring + pinion $75      bill flegg 3/6 12:28pm
Misc. pull bar springs--7 inch tall x 5 in. $10 ea      bill flegg 3/6 12:25pm
Misc. radiator fan blades--$10 - $20 each      bill flegg 3/6 12:14pm
Jones hustler 16 inch 3 blade radiator fan $30      bill flegg 3/6 12:02pm
New hypercoil 750 lb front coil spring 9.5 x5 $30      bill flegg 3/6 11:55am
front and rear modified springs misc.sizes-$20 ea      bill flegg 3/6 11:53am
543 geaar $225      Vern Ruschmann 2/22 4:54pm
Feb 25. Sioux city racers swap meet      lloyd schweigert 2/13 10:09pm
HVH super sucker carb spacer for 604 crate-$25      bill flegg 2/12 8:29pm
Cage kart racing accessories      SCOTT HAWKINS 2/12 6:38pm
4x8 sheet of 1/8 ialuminum diamond plate $75      bill flegg 2/8 9:06pm
lt 1 exhaust manifolds $100      Vern Ruschmann 2/4 10:28pm
Sooux city racers swap meet. Spots avaliable8      lloyd schweigert 2/4 11:01am
several fuel cells starting at $30      Vern Ruschmann 1/30 5:31pm
sioux city swapmeet 2 25 2024      Vern Ruschmann 1/30 4:59pm
looking for 325 9 inch gear      Vern Ruschmann 1/30 4:54pm
602 sealed crate      Todd 1/29 9:44am
Fresh Power Glide/ Dummy Converter      Todd 1/29 9:42am
RW Car      Todd 1/29 9:39am
Not many spots left for sioux city swap meet don't      lloyd schweigert 1/24 9:21pm
2009 HARRIS MODIFIED      Dave Berger 1/22 2:17pm
Jerricho dirt 2 speed glide transmission      Kyle Berck 1/21 7:44pm
2010 Swartz late model trade for 2017 or new mod      Nitro Chris Stevens 1/21 9:33am
Text my if your interested in any of my listings       Nitro Chris Stevens 1/21 7:21am
374 SBC 21 degree SLMR Shepherd Automotive      Kyle Berck 1/20 3:29pm
Late model wheels non beadlock for under 30.00      Nitro Chris Stevens 1/20 2:27pm
Looking for Md3 Evo Ii Dlm black used for 100      Nitro Chris Stevens 1/20 2:23pm
2022 Barry Wright Icon      Kyle Berck 1/18 6:57pm
Have you got your spots for sioux yet      lloyd schweigert 1/17 6:37pm
543 gear $225      Vern Ruschmann 1/9 6:47pm
1 piece montee ss noses $120      Vern Ruschmann 1/9 6:41pm
swap meets       Vern Ruschmann 1/9 6:37pm
swapmeet sx falls sd 306 booths 1 13 2024      Vern Ruschmann 1/9 6:29pm
areo 4 in.off 5 on 5 15 inch imca bead lock $95      bill flegg 1/9 4:05pm
New location sioux city racers swap meet      lloyd schweigert 1/6 9:12am
2010 Swartz late model for sale      Nitro Chris Stevens 1/5 6:41am
Sooux city swap meet next month      lloyd schweigert 1/4 9:01pm
swapmmet desmoines ia 1 6 2024      Vern Ruschmann 1/4 9:27am
ford 9 inch whole rear end $125      Vern Ruschmann 1/2 5:46pm
9 inch ford 3.55 ring and pinion--good used $35      bill flegg 1/2 12:11pm
9 inch ford 4.71 ring and pinion new-standard $75      bill flegg 1/2 12:10pm
Wehrs 14 inch x 1 inch weight jack bolt $25      bill flegg 1/2 12:08pm
jones husler 17 inch 3 blade radiator fan $40      bill flegg 1/2 12:06pm
MISC. LATE MODEL PARTS FOR SALE $350.00      Al Druesedow 1/1 9:56pm
Glory motorsports will be on hand at the sioux swa      lloyd schweigert 12/31 12:43pm
WTB 64-66 V-8 Mustang parts      Larry 12/21 1:51pm
Sioux city swap meet filling up      lloyd schweigert 12/18 7:59am
New Years NE Kart Shootout 206 & Clone Engines      Dave Cook 12/15 10:10pm
Late Model Nosepieces - Brand New and Used      Dave Cook 12/15 10:10pm
NASCAR Press Guide / Yearbook 2007 & 2008      Dave Cook 12/15 10:10pm
Speedway Illustrated / NASCAR Insider Magazines      Dave Cook 12/15 10:10pm
Dillon radiator will be at sioux city racers swap       lloyd schweigert 12/9 7:43am
HVH crate alum. super sucker carb spacer-$25      bill flegg 12/8 7:49pm
Sioux city racers swap meet      lloyd schweigert 12/3 5:47pm
Looking 4      kenny kovar 11/28 3:01pm
750 AED ALKY CARB FOR 604 CRATE $925.00      b perdue 11/19 8:04pm
Cage Kart & Engines- Just in time for indoor races      Dave Cook 11/4 7:33pm
taylor vertex 8mm pro series plug wire set--$40      bill flegg 10/10 8:07pm
2009 HARRIS B-MOD      Dave Berger 9/20 11:50am
28 sline 9 inch gears 543 583 650 $225 each      Vern Ruschmann 9/13 7:08pm
2005 GMC C4500 CREWCAB       b perdue 7/11 10:51am

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