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Benefits of Membership

Being a member of dirtdrivers.com entitles the user to features and areas of the site that are designated for members only. Currently this includes the ability to post messages on the Message Boards, post ads in the Classifieds section, and chat with other members in the Chat Room. There may be other membership-based areas of the site introduced in the future.

Price of Membership

dirtdrivers.com memberships are currently priced at $5 per year. The price is subject to change at any time with ample notice. Multi-year memberships are available in order to lock in the current low rates.

Referral Bonuses

Members who refer other members will receive free additional membership time. The current bonus rate is six months for every yearly referral. In order for the referring member to obtain the bonus, the referred member must enter the referring member's username into the Membership Purchase form at the time of purchase. The amount of time awarded for the referral bonus is subject to change at any time.

How to Purchase a Membership

Purchasing a membership is easy! The first step of acquiring a membership is to become a registered user of dirtdrivers.com. Then simply visit the Membership Purchase page and walk through the remaining steps. Payments are processed securely through PayPal.com using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account (having a PayPal account is not required). For information about setting up a PayPal account, visit www.paypal.com and click the link that explains how PayPal works. To inquire about other payment options, email us at office@dirtdrivers.com.

How to Renew a Membership

Renewing a membership involves the same steps as purchasing the initial membership. Renewals can be purchased at any time. The amount of time purchased for the renewal will simply be added to the current membership period. The membership expiration date for each user is displayed in the Welcome section at the top right of the home page as well as the My Membership Information section of the My Account page. Renewal reminder notices will display on the site when a membership is within 30 days of expiring.

Terms & Conditions of Membership

All members agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in the Membership Terms & Conditions page.

Contact Us with Questions

Email us at office@dirtdrivers.com with any specific questions about dirtdrivers.com memberships.

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