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56 Chris Spieker          Updated by Driver: 5/27/2006
Proofed by Staff: 2/29/2008

 Driver Information
Nickname: Speak
Hometown: Massena,IA
Birthdate: 3/25/70
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 280
Email Address: spieker56@netins.net
Marital Status: Married - Shana
Children: Allison Dayle - 4, Marissa - 2
Employer: CD Enterprises
Job: Freight Relocater
Year Started Racing: 1991
Total Years Racing: 16
Racing Hero: Davey Allison and Dale Earnhardt

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2005 Mastersbilt GTO
Motor: Chevy 355
Owner: SideBite Specialists
Crew Chief: David Spieker
Crew: Scott Karstens, Jay Schafer, Tom Schafer, Will Erickson, Spenser Erickson, Beth Spieker.
Sponsors & Support: Home Pride Companies - Omaha, NE, Ironman Racing Supply, Ostrich Racing Engines, Bain Painting - St. Joe, MO, Blaine Service, Schafer Welding, Curtis Trucking, UAP Midwest Wall Lake Seed Sales - Rep Mike Curtis, Eby's Hideout, Bagshaw Farms, Performance Bodies, Advanced Racing Suspensions, Appleton Rack & Pinions, Stealth Carbs, PBM Performance Parts, Outlaw Race Helmets, PPM Race Products, Outpace Race Products. Special Thanks go to my wife Shana, Mom & Dad, the Kinman family, Lew & Patti Morris, Shane Eilts, The Greenwalts, and all my fans for their support!

 Tracks & Series
Adams County Speedway (IA) - Modified #56
MBSLM Series - Super Late Model #56
USMTS Series - Modified #56

 Awards & Accomplishments
2005 NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Division II Championship.
2001, 2003, 2004, and 2005 Adams County Speedway Late Model Track Championships.
2004 I-80 Speedway Late Model Track Championship.
1995 Audubon County Speedway Pro Street Track Championship.
My brother David was the 2005 Craftsman Mechanic of the Year National Champion and Division II Champion for the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series.


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