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38 Raymond Gebhards, Jr.          Updated by Driver: 5/14/2010
Edited by Staff: 5/14/2010

 Driver Information
Hometown: Tarkio,MO
Birthdate: 2/5/74
Email Address: 4gebhards@tarkio.net
Marital Status: Married - Amy
Children: Emily, Luke
Employer: Missouri Department of Transportation
Job: Maintenance Supervisor
Year Started Racing: 2003
Total Years Racing: 6
Racing Hero: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and the guys from Missouri that ran at ACS in the 1980's - they were fast!!!

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 1981 Chevy Camaro
Motor: Chevy
Owner: Raymond Gebhards, Jr.
Crew Chief: U.D.
Crew: U.R.
Sponsors & Support: Gebhards Welding - Tarkio, MO, Gilpin Trucking - Fairfax, MO, Used Car Connection, Hometown Auto Doctor - Maryvillie, MO - Southard's Auto Body - Nebraska City, NE, Mike's Hobbies - Fairfax, MO, Simmon's MFA - Fairfax, MO.

 Tracks & Series
Adams County Speedway (IA) - Stock Car #38

 Awards & Accomplishments
4th in 2003 Shelby County Speedway Cruiser Points.
10th in 2004 Shelby County Speedway Points and 2004 Rookie of the Year Award in the Pro Am class. 7th in 2005 Pro Am class Points.

 Career Summary
In the 1980's my dad ran a Pro-Street at ACS and did very well. This started my interest in racing. I helped my cousin with his Pro Am in 2001-2002. Built a Cruiser and ran at SCS in 2003. Now I am driving a Pro Am this year at SCS!
 Racing Goals
I want to run hard each night and win a few races, but the most important goal is to HAVE FUN!
 Other Interesting Team Information
My cousin and I got hooked up with the 22 car in 2001 and learned a lot from those guys. I just want to thank Tim and the crew for all the help they have given us. THANKS MAN!!!

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