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4 Dana Deeke          Updated by Driver: 11/27/2011
Edited by Staff: 11/28/2011

 Driver Information
Hometown: Waverly,NE
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150
Email Address: dkeyracing4@gmail.com
Marital Status: Married - Kim
Children: Alex - 20, Tyler - 11
Employer: Certified Transmission
Job: Diagnostitian / Assistant Manager
Year Started Racing: 1992
Racing Hero: I have several, but most influence came from a local driver, Hank Bulin, #36.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: Sardeson
Motor: Chevy
Owner: Alex Deeke
Crew Chief: Alex Deeke
Crew: Mike McKibben, Ken Schwartman, Amy Schwartman, Ray Harrington, Alex Deeke.
Sponsors & Support: Sardeson Racing in Greenwood, Ne, The Shop in Lincoln, NE.

 Tracks & Series
Beatrice Speedway (NE) - Stock Car #4
Dawson County Raceway (NE) - Stock Car #4
I-80 Speedway (NE) - Stock Car #4
US 30 Speedway (NE) - Stock Car #4

 Awards & Accomplishments
1994 Eagle Flyer Most Improved Driver Award, 1995 Eagle Flyer Hard Charger Award, 4 1995 Eagle Flyer A Feature Wins, 1996 Eagle Flyer Best Appearing Team Award, 2 1996 Eagle Flyer A Feature Wins, 1996 I-80 Flyer A Feature Win, 2nd in 1996 Eagle Flyer Points, 10th in 1997 Eagle Grand American Late Model Points, 3 heat race wins, several Top 5's, 9th in 2000 Eagle Grand American Late Model Points, 2003 M.M.S.A. A Class Rookie of the Year Award, 2004 JayHusker 600 Sportsman Points Championship, have finished 2nd in 2010 and 4th in 2011 Point Standings at Junction Motor Speedway with heat race and Feature wins.
 Career Summary
I started in the Flyer division at Eagle in 1992. Moved up to Grand American Late Model in 1997. In 1998 the car was wrecked badly the third night out, so I sat out most of the season. Ran the Late Model at I-80 in 1999, a tough year, finishing 20-something in Points. In 2000 we got some good sponsorship and a little better engine program together and returned to running exclusively at Eagle. Got some good driving experience along the way, and our team improved the setups on the car each week (we got into Late Models without anyone on our team having ever worked on one so we had a lot of trial and error the first few years). We had several good runs during the 2000 season and placed well in Points, even with missing one night. Over the winter before the 2003 season, when we were sitting around trying to decide what we wanted to do, one of my crewman asked, "Have you ever watched the Mini-Sprints?" And as they say, the rest is history! For 2004 we purchased a Vision chassis and a new Yamaha engine. We raced with the JayHusker series as well as NMMA races at Waverly. The last few seasons we have been racng mostly at Junction Motor Speedway in the Stock Car class.
 Racing Goals
Would like to be a consistent Top 5 car, and hopefully get into a position for an A Feature win (we accomplished this goal with 3 A Feature wins in 2004 and now look forward to more!)
 Other Interesting Team Information
My original number, 36, came from Hank Bulin, a local stock car driver that my dad crewed for. 2003 was the first time since I started racing that I was not running the number 36. We ran number 15 as 36 was already taken. Our team doesn't have any specific rituals other then we have given all of our chassis a name after we win a race in them. I do talk to the car during the week while working on it once in awhile. Come by and see us after the races. We enjoy meeting new people, having kids sit in the car, and of course talking about the races!!! So stop by, we would love to hear from you! I would like to thank Dave Cook for getting this site up and running and for his help with our racing program! Thanks Dave!!!

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