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62 Greg Cox          Updated by Driver: 4/30/2008
Edited by Staff: 4/30/2008

 Driver Information
Hometown: Altoona,IA
Birthdate: 7/67
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 240
Email Address: smokey256@aol.com
Marital Status: Married - Marla
Children: Mackenzie - 14, Abigail - 9
Employer: GAMMACO Transport
Job: Owner
Year Started Racing: 1989
Total Years Racing: 18
Racing Hero: Roger Dolan - he was always a smooth, clean and fast driver and I've tried to emulate that.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: DirtWorks
Motor: Chevy
Owner: Greg Cox
Crew Chief: Corey Ross
Crew: Rich Pettinger, Mackenzie Cox, Brad Tursic, Tim Williams.
Sponsors & Support: GAMMACO Transport, Interstate Power Systems, Direct Card & Print, SCS Fabricating, Mid-State Machine, JR Motorsports, PBM Performance.

 Tracks & Series
Shelby County Speedway (IA) - Modified #62

 Awards & Accomplishments
All in IMCA Modified competition:

2003 Iowa State Fair Speedway Track Championship (also got my first Feature win there that year).
12th place at 2003 IMCA Supernationals (Boone, Iowa).
6th place at 2003 Harris Clash (Knoxville, Iowa).
2004 Iowa State Fair Speedway Track Championship.
2004 Eldon Raceway Track Championship (Iowa).
8th place in the 2005 Harris Clash.
2006 Iowa State Fair Speedway Track Championship.
2006 Shelby County Speedway Track Championship.
8th place at 2006 IMCA Supernationals.
2007 Harris Clash pole sitter (finished 5th).
2007 Eldon Raceway Track Championship.

 Career Summary
My dad was a pit crew for Don Benge of Selma, Iowa in the Sportsman and Late Model classes. Both of my parents liked going to the races and all of my desire to race stemmed from there. In 1989 I started pulling tractors and wanted to go to the next level, but that required sooo much more money and travel and I always knew I wanted to race. There were three tracks within 50 miles of my house that had similar Hobby Stock rules and a friend and I put together our first race car. It was a '55 chevy that my dad had bought back in the 70's that was the Eldon Raceway Sportsman class Champion car. He never put it together. We gathered parts and went to the track with it.
 Racing Goals
I would like to win a Modified Regional Championship and have some success in the Late Model class that I started to fool around with this year. I also want to spread out a little and try some more new tracks and travel some to winter specials down south again.
 Other Interesting Team Information
You might say we're a bit superstitious... Naw, not at all, but we never take the sticker off of a new tire, don't eat peanuts in the pits, don't allow the girls around our pits to wear green undies (this happened once and I rolled down the backstretch at Des Moines one night in 2003), and never, ever eat chicken on race day.

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