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11 Jay Hobscheidt          Updated by Driver: 7/20/2005
Edited by Staff: 7/20/2005

 Driver Information
Hometown: Union,NE
Birthdate: 3/13/73
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 205
Email Address: jay@desirecustomhomes.com
Marital Status: Married - Kim
Children: T.J. - 19, Nick - 12, Allysa - 8
Employer: Self-Employed
Job: Consignment Shop Owner
Year Started Racing: 1992
Racing Hero: Bob Kosiski - he is what racing is all about, hard work and dedication, and always willing to help anyone out.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 1994 Ford Probe
Motor: 2.0 DOHC
Owner: Lydell Murray
Crew Chief: Allysa
Crew: The wife, kids, and best friend Sonny who is racing my other Hornet.
Sponsors & Support: Lydell Murray from Desire Homes bought the car and paid to have the cage installed. Thanks man!

 Tracks & Series
I-80 Speedway (NE) - Compact #11

 Awards & Accomplishments
Not many awards. We always raced on a tight budget and just ran for fun whenever we could. We had a few good nights here and there and also tore up a lot of cars over the years. I think we are your typical low budget local dirt track team. We have a few heat race wins and a couple Feature wins this year. We're doing pretty good in the Points so far. The biggest thing is that we are out having a blast at the track every week!
 Career Summary
I got hooked on racing back in the late 80's when my dad raced an Enduro car at Eagle Raceway and the old racetrack at Greenwood that is long gone. I ran several Enduros and did real well. I moved up to Friday Night Flyers and Modifieds and did horrible in each one. Finally ended up in a Limited Late Model, and after a rough start, we got to where we would run real well most every night out until we finally ran out of money. I had been out of racing many years until Ed Kosiski contacted me about the Hornet class.
 Racing Goals
We just want to go out and have a great time and not get ourselves into a big money pit like we did before. When it becomes more like work and less like fun, we will quit.
 Other Interesting Team Information
I get so nervous before every race (even in the Hornets) I sometimes feel like I am going to get sick. I can't eat at all the day of a race. Every single night when we are lined up waiting to pull out onto the track, I have the urge to get out of the car and get sick, then as soon as we get rolling, it all goes away and I'm fine until the next race. LOL!

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