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60L Thomas Liechti          Updated by Driver: 8/14/2006
Edited by Staff: 1/23/2008

 Driver Information
Hometown: Omaha,NE
Birthdate: 9/26/91
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 115
Email Address: tliechti60tlr@yahoo.com
Marital Status: Single
Job: Student
Year Started Racing: 1999
Total Years Racing: 5
Racing Hero: Jeff Gordon, the Leightons, and Chris Spieker

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 1997 Chevy Cavalier
Owner: Bill Liechti (Dad)
Crew Chief: Keenan Heitkamp
Crew: Dad, Bill Leighton, Sr., Bill Leighton, Jr., Bob Pulte, Chad Hubbard, Keenan Heitkamp.
Sponsors & Support: SYB Construction - Irving, TX, UCON Services - Irving, TX, MBC Construction - Omaha, NE, Ultimate Thermal - Omaha, NE, Millard Sprinkler - Millard, NE, Quick Lawns - Omaha, NE, Randy Bennett, Mom, Kari, Kaylee, Kathy.

 Tracks & Series
I-80 Speedway (NE) - Compact #60L

 Awards & Accomplishments
Multiple Go-Kart Track Championships, over 50 Kart A-Feature wins, two-time runner up of Turkey Classic in Witchita, KS, 2 Top 10 finishes at the Tulsa Shootout.
 Career Summary
My dad got into owning stock cars by being the car owner for Bill Leighton, Sr., a family friend. Then he owned the car for Bill Leighton, Jr. The Leighton family had been into Kart racing and they got me into it.
 Racing Goals

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