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36 Caleb Peters          Updated by Driver: 3/31/2007
Edited by Staff: 3/31/2007

 Driver Information
Hometown: Oberlin,KS
Birthdate: 10/28/86
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200
Email Address: calebpeters@hotmail.com
Marital Status: Dating - Kelsey
Employer: Willie Peters
Job: Farmer
Year Started Racing: 2003
Total Years Racing: 3
Racing Hero: Dale Earnhardt, Sr. - he was The Intimidator!

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2006 Virgin Chassis
Owner: Gene & Kristi Gallentine
Crew Chief: Gene
Crew: Randy, Gene, Kelsey, Jason, Travis, Todd.
Sponsors & Support: Gallentine Racing, Miller Farms & Feedlot, Select Seeds, Payroll Plus, Starship Enterprise, Sumner Terracing, CW's Welding, Sis Trucking, Doak Construction, Metcalf Real Estate, JR's Creations, K & K Trucking, Virgin Chassis, S & T Enterprise, Cardinal Bar & Grill, Ultimate Machine, Kimberly Witt Photography, Don Fredrickson, Cory Struckhoff, Josh Hudson, Jason Gallentine, Aaron Ploussard, Randy & Lynda Peters, Todd Johnson.

 Tracks & Series
Dawson County Raceway (NE) - Stock Car #36

 Awards & Accomplishments
2005 Season - 2nd place in the Hagan Memorial Trophy Dash at Culbertson, first Feature win in the Outlaw races at Oberlin, 7th in National Rookie Points.
2006 Season - Several heat race wins, FIRST FEATURE WIN at Oberlin May 7th!!, Feature win at Culbertson May 26th, Feature win at Wakeeney May 29th, Feature win at Norton June 10th, 3 Feature wins in a row at Culbertson, Feature win at Oberlin, Track Championship at Culbertson, Track Championship at Norton, Top 10 in Points at Oberlin and McCook.

 Career Summary
Kelsey's dad Gene asked me one day if I wanted to race a Bomber, and I said YES! Last year, we got Micheal Wasson's #L7 Stock Car and it soon became the #36. This year we have a brand new car, a Virgin Chassis, built by Cory Struckhoff and Josh Hudson.
 Racing Goals
TO WIN!, drive clean, and HAVE FUN!
 Other Interesting Team Information
The reason my car number is 36 is because it was my football number!

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