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0 Logan Henriksen          Updated by Driver: 4/6/2018
Edited by Staff: 4/6/2018

 Driver Information
Nickname: Chad Crush
Hometown: Bellevue,NE
Birthdate: 12/2/95
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 162
Email Address: logan.henriksen@gmail.com
Marital Status: Single
Employer: Speedway Motors
Year Started Racing: 2008
Total Years Racing: 8
Racing Hero: Shane Stewart, Bryan Clauson, Aaron Reutzel, Matt Gropp and many more

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2008 PMP Chassis
Motor: Yamaha R6 600cc
Owner: Logan Henriksen / Ron Boecker
Crew Chief: Brian Henriksen
Crew: My whole Status Chassis family
Sponsors & Support: Huge THANKS to Ron Boecker at Select Auto, Matt & Kevin at Elite Welding & Fab, John & Nora Nicholson at Fusion Custom Trailers, Josh at Trail Performance Coatings, Heath & Renae at Arrow Striping, NAPA Gretna, NE, Josh at Harris Decals, Grandma & Grandpa Henriksen and Grandma & Grandpa Majkowski for all their support, and everyone else that lends a hand on race day!!!

 Tracks & Series
KAM Raceway (NE) - Scaled Sprint #0

 Awards & Accomplishments
I got my first Feature win the first night of Points in 2008. This was the same year that I started racing!

2008 - Junior 1 Cage:
2nd place in Points with 10 Feature wins for the year

2008 Turkey Chase - Junior 1 Cage:
Friday A Feature - 7th
Saturday A Feature - 2nd
Sunday A Feature - 1st

2009 - Junior 2 Cage:
World of Wheels Best in Class Award

2009 Turkey Chase - Junior 2 Cage:
Friday A Feature - 1st
Saturday A Feature - 3rd
Sunday A Feature - 1st

2010 - 206 Animal Cage:
4th place in Points at LSS

2010 Turkey Chase - Senior Cage:
Friday A Feature - 2nd
Saturday A Feature - 3rd
Sunday A Feature - 2nd

2010 Senior Cage:
Nebraska Kart Shootout Championship

2011 - 206 Animal Cage:
Little Sunset Speedway Points Championship

2011 Turkey Chase - 206 Animal Cage:
Friday A Feature - 2nd
Saturday A Feature - 3rd
Sunday A Feature - 2nd
Turkey Chase Co-Points Championship

2012 - 206 Animal Cage Light:
Mini E Raceway Mini Ice Breaker Challenge A Feature win
Mini E Raceway Relay for Life A Feature win
Mini E Raceway Mini Nebraska Cup A Feature win
Nebraska Kart Shootout Championship

2012 Turkey Chase - 206 Animal Cage:
Friday A Feature - 1st
Saturday A Feature - 1st
Sunday A Feature - 2nd
Turkey Chase Points Championship

2013 - 206 Animal Cage Lite:
Mini E Raceway King of the Hill Champion
Mini E Raceway Mini Nebraska Cup A Feature win
7 total Feature wins at Mini E
Mini E Cage 206 Lite Points Championship

2013 Turkey Chase - 206 Animal Cage Lite:
Friday A Feature - 1st
Saturday A Feature - 2nd
Sunday A Feature - 1st
Turkey Chase Points Championship

2014 - 206 Animal Cage:
6 total Feature wins at Mini E
Mini E Cage 206 Points Championship

 Career Summary
I started my racing career driving a Champ Kart at Little Sunset Speedway. I also rode Motocross but I liked the four wheel stuff just a little better. My Grandpa Henriksen raced back in the 1950's and 60's and won quite a few Championships in his day. It is great to have him in my corner for support and racing knowledge along with my dad. He had been around racing for 30 years and so it was finally my turn!

In 2010 I raced in the 206 Animal class at Little Sunset Speedway. On 5/14/10 I was able to get the A Feature win my very first time in this premier class!

2011 was a great year for us. We ended up winning the Points Championship at Little Sunset Speedway in the 206 Animal Cage division. This was the last year that my dad and I raced our own equipment, so a special THANKS to everyone that helped us reach our goal that year!

In 2012 I started racing the #0 Status Chassis house kart. It was a challenge for us. We switched race tracks half way through the season even though we were leading the Points. We won the Feature the first night out after we switched tracks and started having fun again and ended up with 10 Feature wins for the year. Matt Gropp and Kevin Kruse at Status Chassis gave me everything I needed and more to be at my best every time I got on the track, and for that I say Thank You!!! I have the greatest support from those guys on and off the track and that means a lot to me.

2013 was a blast. Once again I was the pilot of the #0 Status Chassis Kart and stepped up my program again. It turned out to be an awesome year as we raced our way to another Track Points Championship.

With the unmatched dedication of Matt Gropp and Kevin Kruse, our 2014 season at Mini E didn't disappoint, collecting another Track Points Championship.

2015 is the year we made the switch to the 600cc Outlaw Winged and Wingless Micro Sprints. Looking forward to this new challenge, and with the people and support I have with me, it promises to be great!

 Racing Goals
My plan is to run a Micro Sprint for two years and then jump into a Sprint Car. On a hiatus from racing right now. Still helping others and staying in touch with the racing community. I'll be back though!
 Other Interesting Team Information
I want to thank everyone that has helped, sponsored, gave great advice, and just plain been there for me while racing.

I race with the #0 because of Matt Gropp. I'm honored to run it for him, but if you know me, then you've seen my #6jr is still with me.


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