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41 Clint Hummer          Updated by Driver: 7/30/2008
Edited by Staff: 7/30/2008

 Driver Information
Hometown: Lincoln,NE
Birthdate: 9/7/76
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170
Email Address: clelly@windstream.net
Marital Status: Married - Kelly
Children: Samantha - 11, Eryn - 10, Ashley - 4
Employer: Hummer Metal Services
Job: Owner
Year Started Racing: 1999
Total Years Racing: 5
Racing Hero: Doug Wolfgang - he could come from the back of the pack to win like no other driver

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2000 Sardeson
Motor: 355
Owner: Clint Hummer
Crew Chief: Clint Hummer
Crew: Rich, Brian, Kelly, Tangela, Becky.
Sponsors & Support: Alter Metal Recycling, Hummer Metal Services, Sardeson Racing, JB Vinyl, Praxair, Schmidt Machine, Wayne Hummer, Jean & Ralph Jensen.

 Tracks & Series
Eagle Raceway (NE) - Modified #41

 Awards & Accomplishments
Runner-up for Rookie of the Year in Mods my first year at Eagle. My biggest accomplishment so far is just being able to race. I barrel rolled at Rising City.
 Career Summary
I started in Mods in 1999 and raced until 2003. We ran pretty good, usually Top 20 at least in Points at Eagle. I had a baby girl and took four years off, then got a new car and came back in 2008. It has been a slow start but we are finally starting to get fast again.
 Racing Goals
Just to have fun and get some good finishes.
 Other Interesting Team Information
Number 41 was my dad's racecar number when he raced at Raceway 34 in Burlington, IA. He won Track Championships a few years in a row and was just recently inducted into the 34 Hall of Fame. He also raced at Midwest Speedway in the 70's.

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