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81m Nathan Meyer          Updated by Driver: 1/5/2010
Edited by Staff: 1/6/2010

 Driver Information
Nickname: Meyer
Hometown: Ohiowa,NE
Birthdate: 6/27/91
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195
Email Address: n_m81m@hotmail.com
Marital Status: Single
Employer: Dad
Job: Farmer
Year Started Racing: 2006
Total Years Racing: 4
Racing Hero: My cousin Cory Koca - when he used to race Stock Cars, he would always let me help work on the car and we always went to go watch him race

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: Big Johnson Chassis 1984 Buick Regal
Motor: 350
Owner: Verryl Meyer
Crew Chief: Verryl Meyer
Crew: Ed Koca, Phillip Kamler, Daniel Knigge, Cody Kempf.
Sponsors & Support: Kamler Hay Service, Ohiowa Cafe, Garland Farms, Hair Razors, J&J Trucking, Frontier Bank, Bowman Electric, Wolfteich Farms, Meyer Seed & Supply, Cory Koca.

 Tracks & Series
Beatrice Speedway (NE) - Hobby Stock #81m
Junction Motor Speedway (NE) - Hobby Stock #81m

 Awards & Accomplishments
My first year of racing I raced a 4-Cylinder and finished 4th in Points in Beatrice. In 2008 I got my Hobby Stock and got 9th in Points at Thayer County Speedway. Finished 6th place in 2009 Points in Beatrice.
 Career Summary
When I was about ten years old, my dad was the Crew Chief of my cousin's Stock Car. I got to go and help work on the car every Friday night. The next day the whole family would go and watch him race. Sometimes I even got to go in the pits to help, and I have learned so much from watching him race.
 Racing Goals
My goals are to win a couple of races, and if possible, win or come close to winning a Track Championship.
 Other Interesting Team Information
The reason I chose #81m is because 81 was my football number and the "m" comes from my last name.

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