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22k Anderson Kevin          Updated by Driver: 2/21/2009
Edited by Staff: 2/22/2009

 Driver Information
Hometown: Lincoln,NE
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225
Marital Status: Married - Chris
Children: Tiffany, Jackie, Katie, McKenze, Grandchildren Keagan, Kaleb
Employer: The Auto Connection
Job: Owner
Racing Hero: Mark Martin - he is clean and consistent

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 1981 Chevy Monte Carlo
Motor: Chevy 350
Owner: Kevin Anderson
Crew Chief: Brad Aksamit
Crew: Ron, Mat, Whitney.
Sponsors & Support: The Auto Connection, Lincoln Lawn Care, The Garage Bar & Grill. Thanks to my pit crew. Without them, 22k is nothing. Thanks also to the fans and Eagle Raceway. Above all, thanks and love to my wife, Chris. She puts up with all of this!

 Tracks & Series
Eagle Raceway (NE) - Hobby Stock #22k

 Awards & Accomplishments
2008 Eagle Raceway Hobby Stock Points Championship with 2 wins, 12 Top 5's, and no DNF's in 16 races.
2008 Eagle Raceway Hobby Stock Most Popular Driver Award.

 Career Summary
I raced long ago in a Ford. That's why nobody remembers! In December of 07, a friend I raced against during the ancient times said he was getting back in racing, and I thought, "If he can do it..."
 Racing Goals
Race hard, have fun, and make a few friends. 2008 was good for that. The Hobby Stock class if full of great drivers and competition.

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