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54 Bret Boden          Updated by Driver: 9/12/2011
Edited by Staff: 2/28/2012

 Driver Information
Hometown: Hastings,NE
Birthdate: 8/2/84
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 245
Email Address: bboden13901@gmail.com
Marital Status: Married - Nastasha
Children: Braelynn - Under 1
Employer: Garden Cafe / Grace's Locksmith
Year Started Racing: 2010
Racing Hero: Joey Saldana

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2002 Dabco / 1998 Sawyer Chassis
Motor: FTZ Honda F2 619cc
Owner: Bret Boden
Crew Chief: Zach Boden
Crew: Brad Boden
Sponsors & Support: Grace's Locksmith, Second Street Slammer, Darci Jurgens Chiropractic, RevHoney, Steve's Lightning Sound, McWhirter's, JP, CKY, Duane Bender, Hyper Racing.

 Tracks & Series
KAM Raceway (NE) - Scaled Sprint #54

 Career Summary
My brother got me into racing. I got my car in July 2010, so I haven't had much time to do a lot of racing yet, but have already learned so much from the experienced guys at the tracks. I took a lot away from the Shootout.
 Racing Goals
Maybe someday get a Driller. But I will start with just some good old seat time for now.

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