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22 Dusty Poessnecker          Updated by Driver: 5/17/2001
Edited by Staff: 5/17/2001

 Driver Information
Nickname: Double D
Hometown: NorthBend,NE
Birthdate: 5/2/80
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180
Email Address: dpoessnecker@hotmail.com
Marital Status: Single
Employer: Schuyler Collision Center and Auto Sales, Inc.
Job: Auto Collision Repair Technician
Year Started Racing: 2000
Total Years Racing: 1
Racing Hero: My brothers Jay and Casey because they always do so well with low dollar stuff and they let me take care of their cars from the time I was old enough to walk and they never doubted me. I learned the most from those experiences.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo
Motor: Chevy 355
Owner: Dusty Poessnecker
Crew Chief: Jay Poessnecker
Crew: Ken Eggli, Brian Muntz, Jeff Hilger, Tom Clapper, Brad Smith, Chris P., Casey Poessnecker, Jimmy Miratsky
Sponsors & Support: Schuyler Collision Center, Dubsky's Custom Transmission, S & A Complete Lawn Service, Stuart Concrete. Thanks to my Mom and Dad (Jim and Elaine) for keeping our family in the racing family, and to my brothers for helping me learn alot about what it takes to race and for helping me get my cars together. Also thanks to the crew guys for all the work for no pay!

 Tracks & Series
US 30 Speedway (NE) - Hobby Stock #22

 Awards & Accomplishments
2 A Feature wins at Stuart Community Track, and 5th in Points in rookie year in the Bomber Stock class.
 Career Summary
I've been building and racing cars with my brothers Jay and Casey since I was 9 years old. Finally last year I started driving. Now my brothers and I all race our own cars. My dad raced for years, so it's been in our family for a long time.
 Racing Goals
To win races, drive clean, and to win a championship. I want to progress up to a Late Model class of some kind. I love that class of racing. Someday I'd like to see my car in a dirt track magazine.

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