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83 Justin Frederick          Updated by Driver: 5/16/2015
Proofed by Staff: 5/16/2015

 Driver Information
Nickname: Jfred
Hometown: Cleghorn,IA
Birthdate: 2/1/97
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190
Email Address: jfred83jr@hotmail.com
Marital Status: Single
Employer: Frederick Welding
Job: Welder
Year Started Racing: 2013
Racing Hero: Jeff Frederick - he's my dad and has taught me everything

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: Chevy Monte Carlo
Motor: GM 602 Crate 350
Owner: Justin & Jeff Frederick
Crew Chief: Jeff Frederick
Crew: Cassy, Regan, Mom, Dad, Josh, Matt Peck, Eric Carlson.
Sponsors & Support: Frederick Welding, Carquest, Country Tire, Schmillen Construction, Rupp Manufacturing, and everyone who helps out.

 Tracks & Series
Buena Vista Raceway (IA) - Hobby Stock #83
Clay County Fair Speedway (IA) - Hobby Stock #83
Crawford County Speedway (IA) - Hobby Stock #83
Interstate Speedway (SD) - Hobby Stock #83
Park Jefferson Speedway (SD) - Hobby Stock #83

 Career Summary
I started doing derbies when I was 13, and back then I thought it was awsome. Then in 2013 Dad said if I can work on a car, I can drive, so I worked as hard as I could and I got to drive a Hobby. I love going in circles!
 Racing Goals
 Other Interesting Team Information
I stole the number from my dad, Jeff Frederick. He chose that number back in 87 when he first started racing. He chose that number as it is the year he graduated.

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