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7 Mike Garner          Updated by Driver: 7/10/2009
Edited by Staff: 7/10/2009

 Driver Information
Nickname: Mayor of Bushville
Hometown: Bedford,IA
Birthdate: 11/24/62
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 200
Email Address: garner12@frontiernet.net
Marital Status: Married - Kelly
Children: Amanda & Son-in-Law Patrick & Baby Utz, Caycie, Trevor, Connor
Employer: Bowman Machine
Job: Machinist
Year Started Racing: 1995
Total Years Racing: 14
Racing Hero: Tim Richmond - I liked his aggressive driving style without punting them out of the way

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2005 MasterSbilt
Motor: Chevy IMCA Spec
Owner: Mike Garner
Crew Chief: Richard Sharp
Crew: Larry Garner, Adam Hanson.
Sponsors & Support: McMahon Drug, The Red Bull, Wetzel Baling, Quik Cash, Bradley Angus Farms, Extreme Images, Olgesbee Trucking, The Locker Room, Hawhee Truck Repair, Lincoln's Lawn Care, D&J Dally Post Saloon, Bowman Machine, Nitro's Bar & Grill, Cutting Edge.

 Tracks & Series
Other Than Dirt Driver Tracks & Series

 Awards & Accomplishments
I started racing in 1995 and have finished in the
Top 3 in Points 7 times in the 9 seasons that I raced in the Pro-Street class full time (96, 97, 00, 01, 05, 06, 07). In 98, 99, 02, 03, and 04 I raced a Modified most of the time. I have raced four different Camaros through the years with my 05 Sardeson being by far the best one. I have had many Feature wins at Adams County Speedway and Crawford County Speedway. In 1997 I saw my first win and first Championship at ACS. Racing 2 WDLR Special Stock Car races in 2001 at ACS and CCS netted 2 wins. We added another ACS Pro-Street Track Championship along with 2 USMTS Special Stock Car race wins in 2006. By far our best year has to be 2007. Not only did we win the King of the Hill race, we added another ACS Pro-Street Track Championship. We started the last night in 11th position and 3rd in Points, passing for the lead with the white flag waving, and clinching the Point race by a mere 3 points!

 Career Summary
I started tractor pulling when I was 10 years old with my dad and an old family friend, Bob Wintermute, on a Model 10 Massey Fergeson. Soon I moved up to a Pro Modified Cub Cadet and tore up a four-state area, winning Mt. Pleasant, the Iowa State Fair, West Fair, Columbus Junction, and Hilton in Ames to name a few. Finishing 2nd in Wisconsin (against 4-cylinders) and placing 2nd (against mountain motors) at the Winter Championships in the American Royal were big. After that Dad and I moved on to a Modified Super M Farmall (Shamless) with a 482 BBC. We had a very strong three-state run for three years and still own it today. I finally started something completely different in 1995 - RACING! I finished 25th in Points in 95 and 2nd in 96 and have not looked back! Yet something new again, we are racing a Late Model now.
 Racing Goals
Our goal is to finish in the Top 10 every night and win a Late Model Feature.
 Other Interesting Team Information
Rituals include listening to BTO, Rocky Burnnette, and AC/DC before we head to the track. Others I cannot repeat! My hat is off to the crew as they spend countless hours on the car!

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