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7d Levi Gunn          Updated by Driver: 2/21/2008
Edited by Staff: 2/21/2008

 Driver Information
Nickname: Turbo
Hometown: Superior,NE
Birthdate: 4/24/85
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 200
Email Address: levig14@hotmail.com
Marital Status: Engaged - Jami
Employer: O'Reilly Auto Parts
Job: Sales
Year Started Racing: 2001
Total Years Racing: 7
Racing Hero: Dale Earnhardt - he has always been the best and will always be the best

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 1980 Chevy Malibu
Motor: Chevy 355
Owner: Sixgunn Farms
Crew Chief: Jared Gunn / Dad
Crew: Jared, Dad, Terry, Andy.
Sponsors & Support: Mom, Dad, Aunt Marlyn, Superior Deshler, Republic Farm Services, Price Funeral Home, Hatch's Quarter Horses, Warren Sandblasting, the Skinner family, the Scheuerman family, Schmidt Machine, Graham Kennels, Maddi Moo by Nancy, Wulf Lawn Mowing, Superior Paint & Body, StarCity Motorsports, Ultimate Machine, and many more. I would especially like to thank the Scheuerman family. If it weren't for them, this racing team couldn't have been successful.

 Tracks & Series
Beatrice Speedway (NE) - Hobby Stock #7d
Dawson County Raceway (NE) - Hobby Stock #7d
Junction Motor Speedway (NE) - Hobby Stock #7d
US 30 Speedway (NE) - Hobby Stock #7d

 Awards & Accomplishments
In the 2002 racing season, I had 5 Feature wins, a 4th place finish at the Speed Bowl in Red Cloud, and the Track Championship at Thayer County Speedway in Deshler. I was also 6th in the Nation in Hobby Stock Rookie Points.

In the 2003 racing season, I had 1 Feature win, a 4th place finish in Points at The Speed Bowl in Red Cloud, and a 2nd place finish in Points at Thayer County Speedway in Deshler.

For 2004 the Gunn racing team made a regular schedule with Friday nights at The Speed Bowl and Sundays at Thayer County Speedway. Even with a very major accident in the middle of the season and one motor claimed, we managed a 2nd in Final Points at the Thayer County Speedway.

2005 was another season of ups and downs with a few wins sprinkled in the mix. We raced a full schedule at both The Speed Bowl and Thayer County Speedway.

The 2006 racing season was somewhat of a limited one where we only raced at McCool Junction, and due to work and school conflicts, we were forced to miss a couple nights. With our 2 Feature wins and 9th place finish in Track Points, our total win count was raised to 16.

The 2007 season was another limited one. We fought the car most of the year with setups, but we managed to pull out a few wins throughout the season.

 Career Summary
My racing career started one night at The Speed Bowl in Red Cloud when I decided it looked like fun to drive a Cruiser. So I started my career driving a Cruiser and upgraded in 2002 to a Hobby Stock. After my first year in Hobby Stock, I have become addicted. Hopefully when I graduate from college, I will be able to move up to a higher level.
 Racing Goals
My racing goal is just to have fun.
 Other Interesting Team Information
We don't really have any rituals before the races. I just try to stay calm and wait for opportunities while I race.

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