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87d Chad Dolan          Updated by Driver: 10/17/2023
Proofed by Staff: 10/19/2023

 Driver Information
Hometown: Gibbon,NE
Birthdate: 5/13/77
Email Address: dolanmotorsports@yahoo.com
Marital Status: Married - Jamie
Children: Gracie (Cocker Spaniel)
Employer: Central Nebraska Cremation & Mortuary Services
Job: Owner/Operator
Year Started Racing: 1988
Total Years Racing: 33
Racing Hero: Mark Dolan (my older brother) Rest in Peace... He is the reason our racing program is where it is today

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2019 Rage
Motor: Chevy 360
Owner: Dolan Motorsports
Crew Chief: Mark Dolan (RIP)
Crew: Jamie Dolan, Jeremy McCarter, Keith Wagnitz, Brenden McCarter, Mike Fegter
Sponsors & Support: Bassett Racing Wheels, VP Heartland, Schoenfeld Headers, Russ Kennedy Motorsports, Tony Powell, Central Nebraska Cremation & Mortuary Service, FX Suspension, Penske, Downey Drilling, Bussell Farms, Wilwood, Dynamic Drivelines, Moser Engineering, Speedway Motors, Leonard Graphics, Rage Chassis, Precision Powdercoating, Klatt Motorsports, Hinchman Firesuits, Willy's Carbs, 37 Cattle Company, American Radiator, Multiwire by Money.

 Tracks & Series
El Paso County Raceway (CO) - SportMod #87d
Honor Speedway (CO) - SportMod #87d
I-76 Speedway (CO) - SportMod #87d
Phillips County Raceway (CO) - SportMod #87d
Shelby County Speedway (IA) - SportMod #87d
Concordia Raceway (KS) - SportMod #87d
Dodge City Raceway Park (KS) - SportMod #87d
RPM Speedway (KS) - SportMod #87d
Salina Speedway (KS) - SportMod #87d
Sherman County Speedway (KS) - SportMod #87d
Thomas County Speedway (KS) - SportMod #87d
Beatrice Speedway (NE) - SportMod #87d
Boone County Raceway (NE) - SportMod #87d
Dawson County Raceway (NE) - SportMod #87d
Eagle Raceway (NE) - SportMod #87d
Junction Motor Speedway (NE) - SportMod #87d
Lincoln County Raceway (NE) - SportMod #87d
Off Road Speedway (NE) - SportMod #87d
Stuart Raceway (NE) - SportMod #87d
US 30 Speedway (NE) - SportMod #87d
Interstate Speedway (SD) - SportMod #87d
Park Jefferson Speedway (SD) - SportMod #87d
Wagner Speedway (SD) - SportMod #87d

 Awards & Accomplishments
1988-1992 - Crewmember for #87 Mark Dolan.
1993 - Heat wins in Sportsman Class.
1994 - Heat wins and Top 5 Feature finishes in Sportsman Class.
1995 - Crew Chief for #98 Troy Olmstead.
1996 - Started Racing IMCA Modified.
1996 - Top 10 in Track Points at Platte Valley Speedway.
1997 - Runner-up at Dawson County Raceway.
1997 - 5th in Track Points at Mid-Nebraska Speedway.
1997 - Top 5 finish at Nebraska State Fair Special.
1998 - 3rd in Track Points at River Valley Raceway.
1999 - Runner-up in Points at Dawson County Speedway.
2000 - 4th in Track Points at Dawson County Raceway.
2000 - 7th in $5000 to Win Sandhills Shootout.
2000 - Dawson County Fair Race win.
2000 - Competed in Limited Amount of Races in CNCTA Late Model Series driving for Denny Egge.
2001 - Culbertson Speedway IMCA Track Championship.
2001 - 3rd Place in Track Points at Elmwood Park Speedway in Norton, KS.
2001 - Runner-up at Dawson County Raceway.
2001 - Dawson County Fair Race win.
2002 - Runner-up at Dawson County Speedway.
2002 - Dawson County Fair Race win.
2002 - 25 Top 5 finishes.
2003 - Top 5 finish Southern Challenge in Abilene, Texas driving car for Mike Nichols.
2003 - 5th in Track Points at Dawson County Raceway.
2004 - Top 10 finish in $5000 to Win Sandhills Shootout.
2004 - Dawson County Speedway runner-up in Track Points.
2004 - Duel in the Desert Feature qualifier in Las Vegas.
2004 - Top 5 Southern Challenge finish in Abilene, Texas.
2005 - Dawson County Speedway Track Championship.
2005 - Independence Day Shootout win at Boone County.
2005 - 6th place finish in $3000 to Win Octoberfest. Beatrice Speedway.
2005 - Runner-up in Don & Ruth Hagan Memorial Race.
2005 - IMCA Supernationals participant.
2005 - Wayne Brooks / Kevin Shaw Certificate of Completion in Batesville, AR.
2005 - Plum Creek Motors 8-lap Shootout win.
2006 - Don Hagan Trucking Shootout win.
2006 - Kansas Thunder Series Feature win in Norton, KS.
2006 - Runner-up in Nebraskaland Days Shootout.
2006 - Multiple heat and Feature wins.
2006 - Dawson County IMCA Track Championship.
2006 - IMCA Supernationals participant.
2007 - 8th place finish at F&M $5000 to Win in Colby, KS.
2007 - Multiple heat and Feature wins.
2007 - 6th place in $5000 to win Sandhills Shootout.
2007 - 15th place finish at Duel in the Desert in Las Vegas.
2007 - 2nd place finish in BST event at Platte Valley Shootout.
2007 - 2nd place finish in $500 to win event at McCook Speedway.
2008 - Multiple heat and Feature wins.
2008- 3rd in IMCA Modified Team Race in Ardmore, Oklahoma.
2008 - Dawson County Speedway IMCA Championship.
2008 - Duel in the Desert Feature Qualifier in Las Vegas, Nevada.
2009 - Multiple heat and Feature wins.
2009 - 1 of 33 drivers of 5500 to win more than 1 Track Championship in IMCA.
2009 - IMCA Modified Championship at Mid-Nebraska Speedway.
2009 - IMCA Modified Championship at Dawson County Raceway
2011 - Midwest Dirt Late Model Series Super Late Model Rookie of the Year Award in KS/OK.
2011 - 4th in Midwest Dirt Late Model Series Points.
2011 - MDLMS Pole Award at WaKeeney Speedway.
2012 - Friesen Chevrolet Super Late Model Feature win Salina, Kansas.
2012 - MLRA Junction Motor Speedway Hard Charger Award.
2012 - 9th Place NCRA Late Model Nationals, Doniphan, Ne.
2013 - IMCA SportMod Track Championship at Mid-Nebraska Speedway.
2013 - IMCA SportMod Track Championship at Dawson County Raceway.
2013 - 100 Year Anniversary Race win at Dawson County Raceway.
2013 - 8th in IMCA National Points.
2013 - Jeremy Trompke Memorial win.
2013 - Mid-Nebraska Speedway Fall Special win.
2013 - 22 Feature wins in 30 starts, 25 heat race wins.
2013 - Las Vegas Duel in the Desert heat win, front row qualifier, 3rd place finish.
2014 - Phillips County Speedway Track Championship in Holyoke, CO.
2014 - Inaugural BST SportMod Championship in CO, including wins at Lamar, Colorado, Holyoke, Colorado, Calhan, Colorado, Fort Morgan, Colorado, Lexington, Nebraska, and North Platte, Nebraska.
2014 - Trompke Memorial Feature win.
2014 - 25th Annual Flatlander win in Goodland, KS.
2014 - 23 Feature wins out of 36 starts, multiple heat race wins.
2014 - 5th in IMCA National Points.
2014 - I-76 Speedway Fall Classic Feature win in Fort Morgan, CO.
2015 - 16 Feature wins out of 26 starts, multiple heat race wins.
2015 - Dawson County Fair Race win.
2015 - Shane Thome Memorial Feature win.
2015 - Lincoln County Raceway Track Championship.
2015 - Dawson County Raceway Track Championship.
2015 - Lincoln County Raceway Rail Fest Feature win.
2015 - Retired from active racing at end of season.
2015 - Started Crate Solutions, a Crate Engine Racing business, sponsored racetracks and race teams.
2016 - Promoted the Central Nebraska Racer's Reunion in Grand Island, NE with over 1100 attendees.
2017 - Voted on as a Board Member of the Nebraska Auto Racing Hall of Fame.
2017 - Engine supplier and sponsor of NeSMITH Dirt Late Model National Champion Josh Leonard.
2018 - Crate Engine Supplier for Ken Schrader's IMCA Modified.
2018 - 4th Place at Connie Jewett Memorial in Mike Nichols Owned IMCA Stock Car.
2018 - Speedway Motors Largest Dealer in 2018.
2019-2021 - Promotor of Dawson County Raceway.
2023 - Came out of retirement.
2023 - Osborne Fair Race win.
2023 - Fall Nationals heat and Qualifying Feature Wins.
2023 - 6th out of 43 cars at Fall Nationals Main Event.

States competed in: Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California and Nevada.

 Career Summary
I have been involved in racing since the age of 6. I was a crew member of my brother Mark Dolan's until age 16, when my brother retired from driving, and I went to work for Troy Olmstead and was Crew Chief on the number 98 for one season.

In 1996 after having driven my brother's car since age 14, I purchased my own IMCA Modified. I continued to race IMCA Modifieds in Central Nebraska and later all over the country until 2009. In late 2009 my brother, my Crew Chief, and my best friend was diagnosed with colon cancer. In 2010 I raced only two times in an IMCA Modified.

In 2011 I teamed up with Smith Motorsports out of Belleville, Kansas and raced a Super Late Model in Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. We continued this until 2013 Winning a Super Late Model Feature and being the Midwest Dirt Late Model Series rookie of the year.

In 2013 through 2015 we raced all over. We raced again at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, finishing 3rd in the Duel in the Desert. We competed all over Colorado, winning numerous Features and events such as The Flatlander at Goodland, Kansas and The Fall Classic at Fort Morgan, Colorado. We were the BST Champion and won a lot of races.

Through all the good and bad times, we retired from active competition at the end of the 2015 racing season after winning 2 Championships, 15 Features, and the last 2 races sitting in a car. We raced against some of the strongest competition in IMCA. Competed with Kenny McCarty, Denny Egge, David Murray, Johnny Saathoff, Jon Thompson, Ronnie Wallace, Jordan Grabouski, Kyle Berck, Delbert Smith, Dave Trauernicht, Kevin Larkins and many more. We won many Track Championships and races and felt it was the right time for us to retire. It was a hell of a ride with a lot of stories that I am sure will get longer as the years go by. I feel fortunate to have raced with some of the best and accomplished racers in the sport.

 Other Interesting Team Information
I have been really blessed by being surrounded by great people. I have met a lot of really nice people and racing has allowed us to travel and go places that we normally would not have gone. Thank God and all of our fans, family and friends!

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