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89 Shawn Harker          Updated by Driver: 3/31/2004
Edited by Staff: 2/29/2008

 Driver Information
Nickname: Meat
Hometown: NebraskaCity,NE
Birthdate: 5/6/81
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 235
Email Address: harkermotorsports@yahoo.com
Marital Status: Single
Employer: Budweiser
Job: Delivery
Year Started Racing: 1997
Total Years Racing: 6
Racing Hero: Billy Moyer - he lives the life that I have always dreamed about since I was a kid!

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2002 GRT
Motor: Chevy 355
Owner: Mike Barton
Crew Chief: Mike Barton
Crew: Alan Harker, Gary Barton.
Sponsors & Support: Denniston Racing Graphics, Greg's Body Shop, Hammer Construction, Midwest Custom Concrete, Iron Works Metal, R&I Construction, Topps Welding.

 Tracks & Series
I-80 Speedway (NE) - Grand National Late Model #89

 Awards & Accomplishments
I was Rookie of the Year in 1997 at I-80 Speedway. Our team was in the Top 10 each of the three years we ran in the Hobby Stock class there, with 3 Feature wins. Our team then went to Eagle Raceway and ran the Flyer class and was 3rd in Points there. That same year we also ran at Thunder Hill Speedway in Kansas a few times with 3 Feature wins down there.
 Career Summary
Harker Racing Team started the day I turned 16. I have been around racing my whole life. I spent the majority of my time sitting in the stands with my mom watching the car my father turned wrenches on. Our first race car was a Monte Carlo we raced as a Hobby Stock at I-80 for three years. Then we built a Buick Regal that we ran at Eagle Raceway as a Friday Night Flyer for one year before they dropped the Friday show. We then bought a Pro Am which we raced this last year at Beatrice and NRP.
 Racing Goals
Our team goal is to one day be able to race Super Late Models in some of the major touring series around here, and then one day get the sponsorship we need to run with the Xtreme Racing Series and race for a living.
 Other Interesting Team Information
The time my father and I get to spend together out in the garage is what we enjoy the most about racing. We don't always get along the best when we are out there because we both have opinions on what we should do to the car, but in the end we both have a good time working on the racecar together. P.S. The old man is usually right and I am usually wrong!

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