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9x Travis Loecker          Updated by Driver: 5/30/2005
Edited by Staff: 5/30/2005

 Driver Information
Hometown: Bloomfield,NE
Birthdate: 10/12/70
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215
Email Address: t9xracing @hotmail.com
Marital Status: Married - Kristel
Employer: Lewis & Clark Hydraulics
Job: Machinist
Year Started Racing: 1992
Total Years Racing: 12
Racing Hero: Jeff Gordon - most of the time he is level headed and patient (MOST of the time!).

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2002 Turbine
Motor: 355
Owner: Travis Loecker / Josh Derickson
Crew Chief: Josh Derickson
Crew: Jason Hanson, Derek Theile, Eric Derickson, and whoever else will help.
Sponsors & Support: Mark Kirby Grinding, Judy's Bottle Shop, HCI, LCH, Rodger & Liz Schroeder, RB Mini Mart in Coleridge, the Claussens, Johns Racing, Wausa Motor Service, Bill Hochstein Masonary, Joel's Body Shop, JJ Benji's Screenprinting & Embroidering, The Hairport in St. Helena. Special thanks to my wife Kristel and Josh's wife Tina. We couldn't do this without you both.

 Tracks & Series
US 30 Speedway (NE) - Modified #9x

 Awards & Accomplishments
1996 Cedar County Points Championship, Riviera Raceway Runner-up, 2 Feature wins in 2002, 3 Feature wins in 2003, 2 Feature wins in 2004, finished Top 10 in Points 11 out of 12 years so far!
 Career Summary
Went to Riviera once when I was growing up, and then started going regularly when Cedar County opened and got hooked. Built my first Bomber in one weekend, using the engine out of my daily driver. Been racing ever since. Moved up to a Mod for the 2005 racing year. We will see how it goes.
 Racing Goals
Possibly win the Points at Riviera, maybe venture to some other surrounding tracks and be competitive. Some day move up a class to Late Model.
 Other Interesting Team Information
Race to have fun. Keep your chin up as there is always next week!!! No "Gordon" apparel on race day, and Sponge Bob boxers!

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