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60 Travis Roth          Updated by Driver: 4/8/2005
Edited by Staff: 4/9/2005

 Driver Information
Hometown: Bancroft,NE
Birthdate: 4/27/72
Email Address: rothrace@gpcom.net
Racing Web Site: www.rothrace.com
Marital Status: Married - Deanna
Children: Anthony, Trent, Carissa
Employer: Ideal Wheels
Job: Owner
Year Started Racing: 1996
Total Years Racing: 6

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2005 Warrior
Owner: Travis & Deanna Roth
Crew: Alan Berg, Adam Petersen, Lindsey Lund, Trevor & Tyler Roth, David Bancroft.
Sponsors & Support: Lamp Auto Parts (NAPA), Ru-Des Mini Mart, 1st National Bank, Petersen Metal, Renz Electric, Roth Racing Performance & Parts.

 Tracks & Series
Shelby County Speedway (IA) - Late Model #60
Boone County Raceway (NE) - Late Model #60
I-80 Speedway (NE) - Grand National Late Model #60
Off Road Speedway (NE) - Late Model #60

 Awards & Accomplishments
2000 Boone County Late Model Championship, 2001 Boone County Late Model Championship, 2002 Blackbird Bend Grand National Championship, 2002 Park Jefferson Speedway Grand American Best Appearing Crew, 2004 Blackbird Bend Grand Nation Championship.
 Career Summary
I'm a third generation driver, following my father, Reggie Roth and grandfather, Dale Roth. I started in the Grand National division and hope to move up in the future.
 Racing Goals
Win more Features.
 Other Interesting Team Information
The number 60 has been run for the past 55 years in our family.

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