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5k Kyle Prauner          Updated by Driver: 11/8/2012
Proofed by Staff: 11/8/2012

 Driver Information
Hometown: BattleCreek,NE
Birthdate: 9/29/86
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 215
Email Address: prauner5k@gmail.com
Marital Status: Engaged - Nikki
Employer: Jerry's Auto Sales & Service
Job: Automotive Technician
Year Started Racing: 2003
Total Years Racing: 10
Racing Hero: My Dad - I've learned it all from him

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2012 Victory
Motor: GM 602 Crate 350
Owner: Kyle Prauner
Crew Chief: Jerry Prauner (Dad)
Crew: Dennis, Joel, Scott.
Sponsors & Support: Canham Maytag, Ray's Home Appliance, Big Daddy Racecars, R&B Construction, Precision Repair, Gary & Steve, Wilson Tool Service, Cornwell Tools, H&R Block, Waste Connections, Spence Chiropractic, Fight'N River Saloon, Henn House Dairy, Burger King, Bierman Sandblasting & Painting, Reeves Farms, Ken's Trailer Sales, couponchopper.com, all my family, friends, and fans.

 Tracks & Series
Beatrice Speedway (NE) - SportMod #5k
Boone County Raceway (NE) - SportMod #5k
Dawson County Raceway (NE) - SportMod #5k
Eagle Raceway (NE) - SportMod #5k
Junction Motor Speedway (NE) - SportMod #5k
Off Road Speedway (NE) - SportMod #5k
Stuart Raceway (NE) - SportMod #5k
US 30 Speedway (NE) - SportMod #5k
Interstate Speedway (SD) - SportMod #5k
Wagner Speedway (SD) - SportMod #5k

 Awards & Accomplishments
2003 Street Stock - Dennis Cummins Memorial Championship.

2003-2005 Street Stock - 7 total Feature wins.

2006 Modified - U.S. 30 Speedway Rookie of the Year Award.

2006-2009 Modified - 7 total Feature wins.

2007 Modified - Boone County Raceway Track Championship, Nebraska State Point Championship.

2010 SportMod - U.S. 30 Speedway Track Championship, State Championship, 8 Feature wins, 7th in National Points.

2011 SportMod - US 30 Speedway Track Championship, Boone County Raceway Track Championship, runner-up in Points at Eagle Raceway, Nebraska State Point Championship, 13 Feature wins, 5th in National Points.

2012 SportMod - US 30 Speedway Track Championship, Boone County Raceway Track Championship, Riviera Raceway Track Championship, Nebraska State Point Championship, 28 Feature wins, 2nd in National Points.

 Career Summary
I was born into racing. I have been helping my dad my whole life and Brandy for a few years, and now it's my turn. My first car was a 1983 Buick Regal. I raced that car in Norfolk the first year to cut my teeth. I pulled off a few wins, so the next year we ran a few more places, including Columbus, Rising City, McCool Junction, Albion, and Hartington. My old man said the best thing for a young driver is SEAT TIME. After three years in the Street Stock it was time for me to take over the finances, and we moved up to Modifieds. In 2006 we bought a 2003 Dominator from Scott Styskal, who built the car. We raced it mostly in Columbus and Albion, and went to Doniphan a few times. Getting that seat time! We got runner up in Points in Albion that first year. In 2007 we ran all three of those tracks en route to the Track Championship in Albion, and the Nebraska State Points Championship. In 2008 we bought a new car, a brand new Big Dog Chassis. The next couple years didn't go so well. Struggling to find the setup with the new car, and with the declining economy, money was running low. So in 2010 we made the decision to run SportMods, and the success resumed with a Track Championship at US 30 Speedway, another State Points Championship, and a 7th place finish in the National Point Standings. 2011 brought similar results, finishing with 2 more Track Championships at US 30 Speedway and Boone County Raceway, my 3rd Nebraska State Points Championship, and a 5th place finish in the SportMod National Standings. In 2012 we purchased a new Victory chassis from JR Motorsports through Roth Racing and went on to have THE BEST season of my career, one that will probably be impossible to top. We came home with my 5th, 6th and 7th career Track Championships at US 30 Speedway, Boone County Raceway, and Riviera Raceway, added a 4th Nebraska State Points Championship, got 28 of my 63 career Feature wins, and wound up 2nd in IMCA Northern SportMod National Point Standings. It was a ridiculous year and a lot of FUN for the Prauner Racing Team.
 Racing Goals
#1 - Have fun
#2 - Be competitive and win races
#3 - Win Championships

My ultimate racing goal/dream would be to race for a living. To maybe travel with the World of Outlaw Late Models, the Lucas Oil Late Model Series, or even the USMTS. Any of that would be a dream come true!

 Other Interesting Team Information
We race on a limited budget. That means we have a seperate account from our personal or family accounts that we use to race. At the beginning of each year we work our butts off to get sponsors and advertisers to build our budget. I even get gift certificates and racecar parts for my birthday and Christmas presents. We usually get enough to maintain the car, such as to put a new body on it, freshen the engine and tranny, replace worn out parts, or for four new tires or preventive maintenance. Hopefully after all that there is between $500 to $1000 left to pay registrations at each track and get the season going. After that it's all from the pay window, which makes it imperative that we finish every race every night, and NOT crash. No pressure! I don't think many people know that is how my team, and many other teams, go racing. Not all of us have deep pockets and unlimited budgets.

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