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20s Dan Stevens          Updated by Driver: 6/28/2004
Edited by Staff: 6/28/2004

 Driver Information
Nickname: Danny
Hometown: Lincoln,NE
Employer: Kawaski
Job: Welder
Year Started Racing: 2003
Racing Hero: Dale Earnhardt, Sr., Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Steve Kinser, Tony Stewart, and Danny Lasoski

 Car Information
Owner: Doug & Mary Stevens
Crew Chief: Jason Holle
Crew: Jason Eisenbarth, Jeremy Bender, Mike Simpson, Doug Stevens.
Sponsors & Support: Sponsors: Nieghbors Lounge, Eliker Motorsports, Havelock Social Hall, Q.P. Ace Hardware, Brees Bros, Morning Glory Dental, EDC, R&R Wilson Welding. Family and Friends: Grandma Stevens, Jeff, Jen, Tyler, & Jessee Mathews, Shailey, the Holle family, Michelle Leaver, Dan Hosler, Mike Stroup & family, Dan Knox, Kieth Simonsen, Robert Clark, George Buss, Jerry Fleck, Scott Bauers, Duane Kalf, Noel, Teresa, Katie. Race Help: Mike Meyer & Meyer Racing, Jeff Lowery, Doug Deterding, Todd Sanford & his crew, Scott Bauer, Tim & Ben Vogt, Jim Sasse, Randy Eliker.

 Tracks & Series
Eagle Raceway (NE) - Modified #20s

 Awards & Accomplishments
On 8/2/03 my first A Feature finish was 19th (wrecked in heat but still made the A) LOL! :) The 2004 season started out bad but we are trying hard to turn things around.
 Career Summary
I have learned a lot and am learning more every night. There is so much to learn in racing. Even the guys that have been doing it forever are still learning. The 2003 season was good. We had very little trouble. We placed 35th in Points at Eagle Raceway. This season has started out bad with motor problems on the first night. We are now on the third motor and hope the third times a charm. We have also changed the entire setup since the first night and things are getting better.
 Racing Goals
To place well in the heat races and try to get in a few A Features this year.
 Other Interesting Team Information
The crew meets up during the week and we wash the car, fix any damage, and nut and bolt the car on Saturday. Bender will talk to the car and tell it what it needs to do for the night. Hammer will make sure we all leave on time and get everything done. Dad and I will help with a little of everything and then we go racing!

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