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2spade Lloyd Myers          Updated by Driver: 6/29/2003
Proofed by Staff: 6/30/2003

 Driver Information
Nickname: Chief
Hometown: Alta,IA
Birthdate: 12/7/45
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200
Email Address: linllo@netins.net
Marital Status: Married - Linda
Children: Blake - 37, Molli - 25, Mitch - 23
Employer: Cryovac / Sealed Air Corporation
Job: Tech Rep
Year Started Racing: 1972
Total Years Racing: 30
Racing Hero: Everett Hutchinson - he was my uncle and was track champion when I was a boy, and I loved that he went fast.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 1939 Chevy
Motor: Chevy 292
Owner: Lloyd Myers
Crew Chief: Lloyd Myers
Crew: Lloyd Myers, Bruce Bonnesen.
Sponsors & Support: Bruce Bonnesen, Mark Sangwin for painting the car, Keith Johnson for lettering it, my wife for understanding and letting me do this whenever I want.

 Tracks & Series
GOTRA Series - Vintage #2spade

 Career Summary
I started out drag racing after years in the pits helping the old timers at stock car tracks. Then did car shows for a few years with restored 56 & 57 Chevys. I then helped a young friend start his career and was his Crew Chief from 86 til 01 (now due to job demands I help when I can but not all the time). He won many titles. In my spare time I got a 1939 Chevy in 91 and started building it. It is finally done and has been on the track once in June of 03. The last time this car ran prior to that was at BV Raceways in 1965.
 Racing Goals
Have fun with the car. I would love to race in the Knoxville Vintage Nationals and other Nationals in the Vintage class.
 Other Interesting Team Information
I am a member of GOTRA, and Goodguys & Classic Chevy International. I was a member of NASCAR for many years. I chose the car number because, when I bought the car from the guy who had it, I promised him I would always keep it the 2 of Spades as it was then.

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