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36 Monte Eastman          Updated by Driver: 4/8/2001
Edited by Staff: 5/11/2006

 Driver Information
Hometown: Omaha,NE
Birthdate: 6/19/61
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195
Email Address: racer36@tconl.com
Racing Web Site: www.eastmanracesport.com
Marital Status: Married - Dianne
Children: Paige - 11 Ian - 8
Employer: First Data Resources (FDR)
Job: Director of IT
Year Started Racing: 2000
Total Years Racing: 1

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2000 Gambler
Motor: Chevy 360
Owner: Monte & Dianne Eastman
Crew Chief: Jim Eastman
Crew: Gary Hunt, Dan Hunt
Sponsors & Support: Thanks to my family, friends, and all the fans that come out each week.

 Tracks & Series
None Currently

 Awards & Accomplishments
In our first year we made over half the A Features, won a heat race, and finished 15th out of 35 regular

 Career Summary
My Dad and I have been crew members for both Stock
Cars and Sprints. The last 5 years I worked on Terry
Holliman's sprint team where I learned as much as I
could, with the dream of one day driving my own car.
When my folks, wife and I decided we might be able to
put a team together, I decided to go right to the top
with a Sprint Car since I was turning 39 and didn't
have many years to learn at a lower level. Everyone I
met said "You're starting with a sprint and have never
raced anything before? You're nuts!" With that and a two-year commitment financially, we were ready!

 Racing Goals
I was lucky enough last year to accomplish all of the
goals I had set for the next two years - get in the
A Feature and win a heat race. This year I'd like to better my year-end standing and win a Trophy Dash (I had a second in a Trophy Dash last year).

 Other Interesting Team Information
I am living a lifelong dream and loving it. Please stop down after the races and say hello, or send us an email. Also, and I hate doing this, but this team is held together financially by only my retired folks, and my wife and I. If you like what you see in the way we race and present our team, and could help us out with a few dollars, we'd love to discuss with you how we could partner with you and increase your exposure
through racing. We really want to continue, but without your support it all has to end after the 2001 season. Thanks everyone!


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