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95x Jimmy Judd          Updated by Driver: 2/11/2006
Edited by Staff: 2/29/2008

 Driver Information
Hometown: Omaha,NE
Birthdate: 10/18/69
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200
Email Address: jimmyjudd95x@cox.net
Racing Web Site: www.jimmyjudd.com
Marital Status: Married - Michelle
Children: Savannah - 11
Employer: Judd Preformance Welding & Fabrication
Job: Owner
Year Started Racing: 1994
Total Years Racing: 8
Racing Hero: Kenny Schrader - you will always find him showing up at some little track, next to you, racing for peanuts like we do!

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2002 Barry Wright Pontiac Grand Prix
Motor: Chevy 2.2 410
Owner: Jimmy Judd
Crew Chief: Jeff Draper
Crew: Mike Danburg
Sponsors & Support: I'd first like to thank my better half for all of her support. My sponsors this year are Body Mods, BSB Manufacturing, PlasterGlass, 5 Star Auto, Interstate Battery Centers, Nick's Lawn Care, Hatterman Machine, Gypsy Choppers, and Ohlins by VG Performance.

 Tracks & Series
None Currently

 Awards & Accomplishments
1998 - I-80 Speedway Late Model Rookie of the Year, 2 A Feature wins, and 3rd in Points.
1999-2000 - Spent most of those seasons building our new car!
2001 - Eagle Raceway Mid-Season Late Model Championship winner, 1 A Feature win, and 5 2nd-place finishes.
2002 - Lots of Top 5's but no Feature wins.
2003 - 5 Feature wins, 9 2nd place finishes, 18 Top 5's, winner of the Blackbird Bend Season Championships, finishing 2nd overall in Points, Most Improved Driver Award at Blackbird Bend.
2004 - Led Points at Blackbird Bend for two thirds of the year until a wreck resulted in our first DNF in over three years! This knocked us out of our bid for our first Track Championship. We did however go on to have a decent season - 3 Feature wins, never finished out of the Top 10 all season, and won the inaugural Eagle Raceway Late Model Fall Jamboree special!
2005 - We decided to take the year off and change the direction of our program.
2006 - We will be campaigning a touring Super Late Model that will be raced through out the Midwest.

 Career Summary
Prior to 1997 we were lucky to race two to three nights a year, most of which turned out to be disastrous. We either crashed or blew a motor. Had a really hard time getting started. Started racing full time in 1998 and instantly had success. Finished 5th in points at I-80 Speedway, winning rookie of the year. We haven't looked back since. It's all been a humbling experience. We built a new car in 2000-01 which we continued to run throughout the 2002 season. For 2003 we purchased a new car on 1/9/03, a 2002 Barry Wright!
 Racing Goals
For 2006 we are going to try our hand at some SLM touring races and end our LLM schedule. I'm also still chasing that Best Appearing Car Award for the sponsors!
 Other Interesting Team Information
No chicken, no green, and no peanuts on race day!!

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