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3j Jay Kaser          Updated by Driver: 8/26/2006
Proofed by Staff: 9/20/2006

 Driver Information
Hometown: Lincoln,NE
Birthdate: 64
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 155
Marital Status: Married - Shari
Children: Jase, Jared
Employer: Kaser Painting
Job: President/Owner
Year Started Racing: 1997
Total Years Racing: 6
Racing Hero: Davey Allison - he was a class act

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2003 GRT Monte Carlo
Motor: Chevy
Owner: Jay Kaser
Crew: Jason Clark, Shane Meininger, Chris Meininger, Justin Sisson, Jase Kaser, Jared Kaser.
Sponsors & Support: ICI Paints, Willard Auto Machine, Kaser Painting, Insurance Business Services, Ahren Fire Protection, C-Station, Devo Paint, Harris Decals. A special thanks to Dave Cook and Dennis Smith for helping when I got started. Without them I would not be as far along in racing as I am today. And a special thanks to my crew!

 Tracks & Series
None Currently

 Awards & Accomplishments
Pro Am - 12th in 1998 I-80 Points, 11th in 1999 Eagle Points, 4th in 2000 Eagle Points, 2 Eagle A Feature wins in 2000, 2nd in State Championships at State Fair in 2000.

Limited Late Model - 11th in 2001 Eagle Points during rookie season with 1 A Feature win, 2 heat wins, 1 B Feature win, and Rookie of the Year Award, A Feature win in 2003 at NRP.

 Career Summary
I have always liked cars and racing. I started racing in the Pro Am class in 1997. I ran I-80 the first couple of years and then ran Eagle for the next two years. Moved up to the Limited Late Model class in 2001 for my rookie season.
 Racing Goals
I would like to win a Track Championship and race on asphalt some day.
 Other Interesting Team Information
The reason I chose my car number is that my name and my two sons' names (Jase and Jared) all start with J. So we decided to put the three J's together to have 3J. The race team is called 3J Racing.

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