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US 36 Raceway (MO)
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Subject: “Pit Bull” Chris Wright #66X IMCA Sport Modified!!!
Posted byMessage

US 36 Raceway Rep
Posted on 8/22/2018 1:03:37 PM

This Friday Night is the 2nd Annual Wayne Hicks Memorial IMCA Sport Mod Shootout and it is only fitting we recognize and feature one of the driving forces helping to bring this event to life. Chris Wright #66X is a Grandson to Wayne Hicks and one of the people to help organize the event to honor this great man. Chris is from Wheeling, MO, drives the #66X IMCA Modified and married to Audrey with two children Clayton and Katey. Chris is 38 years young (does not look a day over 60) and has been employed with Anderson TBA for the past 22 years. Calling US 36 Raceway his home track we are very proud to have Chris compete on the high banks every Friday Night at he highest level. Chris’ Grandfather, Wayne Hicks, had race cars around and this is how he got his start in racing carrying on the family tradition and the #66. Starting in 2001 Chris can now claim 14 years behind the wheel racing tracks like I-35 Speedway, US 36 Raceway, CMS, ACR, I-70, Stuart, Marshalltown, RCR, Lamont, Thunder Hill, Lake of the Ozarks, Bethany and Lakeside Speedway proving versatility and adaptability. Racing is a family tradition for Chris and to this day still carries the #66X his Grandfather carried as his cousin Caleb Dennis #11D pilots an IMCA Sport Mod all working together enjoying the sport they love. Chris was quick to name his favorite drivers which are also his friends Trevor Dunn, Caleb Dennis, Ronnie Dennis and Mike Wright. When asked about his career highlights Chris stated 52 Feature Wins (Let’s take it to 53 as he picked up a feature win at Bethany Speedway this 2018 season), 2 Track Championships and lots of great memories! Favorite memories include all the wins, fun with Family and Friends with the least favorite all the crashes. Future plans for Chris as he pilots the fast #66X is to have as much fun as possible for as long as possible. Sponsors on the always front running and competitive #66X are Lake Road Warehouse, Brilliant Graphics, Cameron Engines, Boller Motorsports, Pro Lawn Cuts, C&R Construction and Jet Racing. Something fans may not know about Chris is how hard he works and how much family means to him whether race family or blood family as he is quick to help all that need. First in line to help a fellow racer, first to share information on FB to promote tracks, and first to gain respect from drivers and fans alike. Always ready with a handshake and a smile, Chris is a pleasure to see in the pits and talk with at the races as he truly enjoys the sport of racing and the friendly competition all drivers share. Chris would like to thank his Wife Audrey, Son Clayton, Daughter Katey, his entire Family, Jon & Beth Boller, Sponsors, Trevor Dunn & Family, Anthony Hinnen and Billy Ishmael for supporting and believing in his dream. When asked what advice he would give someone wanting to start racing Chris said, and I quote, “Be patient and make all the laps”!!! Let’s all look for and cheer on the #66X IMCA Sport Mod driven by the “Pit Bull” Chris Wright as he races toward Lake Road Warehouse Victory Lane at US 36 Raceway!!!!!
See yall there!


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