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I-80 Speedway (NE)
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Subject: Highlights fro Silver Dollar Nationals Night 3 7/24/20
Posted byMessage

I-80 Speedway Rep
Posted on 7/25/2020 12:39:56 AM

Phillips Picks up first USMTS feature win of Silver Dollar Nationals Weekend. Ten different late model heat race winners during Nationals Qualifying
By Anthony Ainslie

Day three of the tenth annual Imperial Tile Silver Dollar Nationals featured the United State Modified Touring Series and qualifying for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series for the official kickoff of the Silver Dollar Nationals
I-80 Speedway’s biggest racing weekend continued Friday with the first of two complete shows by the USMTS modifieds along with the double heat race qualifying rounds for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.
A field of 27 modifieds took the green flag for the 30-lap main event, and right on the first lap, defending Nationals Winner Rodney Sanders spun out right in front of most of the field while they came off turn four to complete the first lap. Sanders’ car took some damaged, but would spend the rest of the race working his way back to the front from the rear of the field.
When the race got going, pole sitter Joe Duvall led the opening three laps before Terry Phillips took command. As the race progressed, Hunter Marriott took a couple of shots at taking the lead away, but Phillips was quick to counter Marriott’s efforts.
After the initial caution on the first lap, three more slowed the race down. Under a caution with 14 laps to go, Duvall pulled off the track and into the pit area after cutting a tire. His crew got the tire changed, and Duvall came back to finish 12th.
Meanwhile, Terry Phillips was head of the class scoring the $3,000 win, his second victory in the USMTS portion of the Silver Dollar Nationals. Rodney Sanders charged from the back after the first lap spin to finish in the second spot while Marriott took third. Jake Timm and Jason Hughes rounded out the top five.
On the late model side of Friday’s racing program, 45 cars battled it out in two rounds of five heat races trying to collect passing points. The top 18 points earners at the end of both rounds would make up the first nine rows of Saturday’s Silver Dollar Nationals main event. In round one, two-time Silver Dollar Nationals Winner Scott Bloomquist took the win in a backup car after his primary car had engine troubles the night before. Chase Junghans, Mason Ziegler, Chad Simpson, and Ricky Thornton Jr. were the other heat race winners in round one.
In round two, former Silver Dollar Nationals Winners Jimmy Owens and Tim McCreadie took heats two and five while heats one, two and four were won by Ricky Weiss, Josh Richards and Kyle Bronson.
After all the points were calculated, Ricky Thornton Jr. had the highest total at the end. The driver originally from Chandler, Arizona, who was making his I-80 Speedway debut during the Nationals, will be on the pole for the 101-lap, $53,000 to win main event. Joining him on the front row will be Lucas Oil Series Point Leader and 2013 Nationals Winner, Jimmy Owens.

Edited on: 7/25/2020 12:39:56 AM

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