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Race Results
NeFigure8n Series


Lancaster Event Center (NE)

Open Figure 8
1) 51 Collin Demuth
2) 65 Chris Schweitzer
3) 22x Justin Cecrle
4) 16 Nate Cast
5) 80 Scott Meinke
6) 92 Toby Beckmann
7) 7x Eric Egr
8) 40 Bob Tempel
9) 13 Michael Wize
10) 76 Casey Goertzen

Stock Figure 8
1) 3d Dylan Axline
2) 31 Joel Jiskra
3) 52 Brian Beringer
4) 29 Tyler Winkler
5) 13 Michael Wize
6) 9 Scott Bergmark
7) 10k Shane Kozisek
8) 28 Eric Tvrdy
9) 81x A.J. Hansen
10) 97 Tylor Dibbern

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