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Bethany Speedway (MO)
Location: Bethany, MO
Office: (816) 752-3645
Web Site: bethanyspeedway.weebly.com

 Rainout Report

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 2018 Race Schedule

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 Classes & Drivers




Stock Car

Pure Stock

= Driver has updated profile within the past year.
= Driver has updated profile within the past two years.
= Driver has not updated profile within the past two years.

Staff editing may be more recent than Driver update, such as when photos are added, etc.

 Race Results


1) 69n Cory Wray
2) 17t Shadren Turner
3) 21c Chad Clancy
4) 22h Clay Hale
5) 81 Richard Spriggs
6) 31 David Coates
7) 48x Jim Masoner, Jr.

1) 66x Chris Wright
2) 7m Heath Murry
3) 81 Austin Charles
4) 2 Jason Billups
5) 20x Randy Smith, Jr.
6) 19x Josh Munsen
7) 93n Colton Nelson
8) 83 Coleman Browning
9) 11s Steve Starmer
10) 69er Tyler Cadwallader

1) 8s Caleb Pugh
2) 14 Gary Ainsworth
3) 14b Austin Bouzek
4) 02x Brock Brewer
5) 12ga Jason Nelson

Stock Car
1) 63 Mike Nichols
2) 21x Chad Clancy
3) 292 Blake Peeler
4) 34x Mich Ross
5) 20x Carson Masoner
6) x9 Brad Whitney
7) 1r Craig Reynolds
8) 65x Thomas Roberts
9) 55t Calvin Teel
10) 26 Anthony Whitham

Pure Stock
1) 91 C.J. Turner
2) 29 Cody King
3) 47x Connor Masoner
4) 540 Shaun Houston
5) 94c Chester Kaufman

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