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Bragging Rights Series
Location: Office in Omaha, NE
Office: (402) 342-3453

 Rainout Report

No report

 2018 Race Schedule

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 Classes & Drivers

Grand National Late Model
Bell, Todd - 1150
Cook, Dave - 9
Duncan, Denton - 83d
Haase, Cory - 02
Hoerle, Jared - 21x
Jensen, Chad - 73
Lueken, Mark - 1
Milander, Bob - 77b
Morton, Mike Sr. - 71
Osborne, Robert - 35
Primrose, Allen - 22a
Siebert, Lester - 51
Vogt, Brad - 11

= Driver has updated profile within the past year.
= Driver has updated profile within the past two years.
= Driver has not updated profile within the past two years.

Staff editing may be more recent than Driver update, such as when photos are added, etc.

 Race Results


Boone County Raceway (NE)



I-80 Speedway (NE)



Off Road Speedway (NE)



I-80 Speedway (NE)

Grand National Late Model
1) 92 Jacob Brown
2) 83 Jake Bridge
3) 07 Ben Sukup
4) 76z Zach Zeitner
5) 47 A.J. Jorgensen
6) 18 Karl Getzschman
7) 56t Andrew Tilley
8) 41 Robbie Jorgensen
9) 9 Dave Cook
10) 1150 Todd Bell

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