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Wagner Speedway (SD)
Location: Wagner, SD
Office: (605) 661-2100
Web Site: www.myracepass.com/tracks/3252

 Rainout Report

No report

 2024 Race Schedule

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 Classes & Drivers

Dolan, Chad - 87d
Moos, Kyle - 11
Prauner, Kyle - 5k

Stock Car

Hobby Stock
Jackson, Dustin - 83
Ritterbush, Robert - 02

Sport Compact

Micro Sprint

= Driver has updated profile within the past year.
= Driver has updated profile within the past two years.
= Driver has not updated profile within the past two years.

Staff editing may be more recent than Driver update, such as when photos are added, etc.

 Race Results


1) 23jr Dudley Schroeder, Jr.
2) t1 Rusty Montagne
3) 6i Toby Ives
4) 17 Carter McCarthy
5) 1s Shelby Alves

Stock Car
1) 49 Ryan Harris
2) 44 Kipp DeGroot
3) 45r Dyllan Ricks
4) 7 Joey Jaton
5) 40 Jared Jelsma
6) 12L Wyatt luke

Hobby Stock
1) 00k Kaylb Brunssen
2) 21r Matt Rezac
3) 9 Joel Magee
4) 77 Craig Clift
5) 3 Kevin Vasek
6) 99x Dellas Williams
7) 35jr Taylor Brown
8) 21s Stephanie Hoerle
9) 32k Bain Kuhlman

Sport Compact
1) 35 Troy Brown
2) 21m Cullen Gossage
3) 7j Justyn jaton
4) 5150 Chris Steckler



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